Gingko Biloba: Natural Wonder Remedy

It is very surprising to note how such a funny name of a natural herb delivers numerous benefits especially to the brain and memory of our body. It is also known as Gingko for the shorter version and can also be referred as Maidenhair.

This herb is obtained from a tree and is the only living species of the Gingkophyta division. It is a widely used as a natural remedy to improve memory, stay mentally sharp and ward of memory disorders.

Along with the many good benefits of Gingko, there is also a lot of studies about its prevalent side effects. So before thinking of consuming this, you should be well informed of its ill effects and take it with the right dosage to unlock its benefits.

The Remarkable History of Gingko Biloba

It is the oldest living tree species with fossils dating back to over millions of years. They were probably present even when the dinosaurs lived on the Earth and are very resistant. They even seem to have survived the bomb attacks on Hiroshima.

Amazingly these trees have survived for ages and still alive today in native China. The scientific name of Gingko seems to have stemmed for a spelling error of its Japanese meaning. But it was coined so to mean silver apricot.

Traditional Benefits of Gingko Biloba

It is believed that the remaining trees now were once planted by Buddhist Monks and it has played an important role in Chinese medicine.

It was used previously to treat various disorders like Asthma, Bronchitis, Tinnitus, Fatigue, Bladder irritation, gonorrhea, etc.

Current Benefits of Gingko

Gingko was revived back to life by Europeans and Germans and has caught the attention now for its numerous good benefits. It is now available as an over the counter supplement and even prescribed by many doctors for various medical conditions.

Its primary benefits include increased blood flow level, enhanced transmission of nerve signals, mood elevation and antioxidant provider. Studies made on this herb extract have shown significant results and its effectiveness in different conditions:

  1. Mental Function – Gingko notably regulates the blood flow to the brain and promotes better memory with improved mental function. It also boosts the production of neurotransmitters to communicate better and send out signals to and from the brain.
  2. Prevent Alzheimer’s or other memory disorders – Doctors believe that Gingko can help to keep a check on neurodegenerative disease by increasing blood flow and provision of antioxidants to the brain. It is still not sure exactly as to how Gingko contributes to better memory functions of the brain, but still it’s believed to have good effects on such mental
  3. Rich Antioxidant Source – Antioxidants neutralize unstable oxygen molecules in our cells and prevent damage to cells. Gingko is a great antioxidant that repairs cell damage, prevent diseases like cancers, tumors, etc. and also slow down signs of aging.
  4. Impotency – Gingko is said to have great effects on the libido and increase blood flow and is proven to be very useful to treat conditions of impotency.
  5. Depression – Elevates mood function of the memory and aids in treatment of depression specially in older people
  6. Parkinson’s & Raynaud’s Disease – It is used in the treatment of these conditions to restore blood flow to the brain and generating more dopamine neurotransmitters to help coordinate muscle movements.
  7. Other conditions – It is also used to treat other medical conditions of sinus, tinnitus, vertigo and headaches. It aids in the better circulation of blood to all parts of the body.

Side Effects of Gingko

Even though it is a natural form of remedy, its side effects cannot be undermined. It does come with its share of risks that needs to be thoroughly analyzed before consuming it.

  • For people with known allergies, gingko leaves contain allergenic compounds that should be consulted with a doctor before using
  • When having it with other drugs, consult a doctor first. Since it can react with blood thinners, diuretics and other anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, it can cause adverse effects.
  • Ginkgo seeds are highly toxic. It is the extract of the leaf that is used in medical supplements. Taking too much of it can cause side effects like nausea, dizziness, stomach aches and restlessness. So it is better to consult a doctor for the right dosage.

Bottom Line – Gingko for Memory

Gingko is very good for memory and brain function and is proven beneficiary for anxiety, depression and stress factors. When taken in the right form and in the correct Alpha Levo IQ dosage, you can effectively garner its benefits and be informed about it side effects prior to consuming it as a supplement.