Korean Ginseng: Organic Marvel

Korean Ginseng or Panax Ginseng is one of the most vital herbal medicine of China that is being used now to treat various medical conditions. It has gained almost a miraculous reputation of promoting good health with prolonged life, general body vitality and enhanced cognitive function of the brain.

Studies have proven the effects of Ginseng on different diseases. Specifically, it is said to be an adaptogen that increases our general life span by fighting against viruses and other infections.  When you buy Alpha Levo IQ, you should know it contains Korean Ginseng too.

So powerful is the role of Ginseng that it is even said to be used in anti-cancer treatment especially in drugs to deter the side effects of chemotherapy.

The Amazing History of Korean Ginseng

This natural herb dates back in time to over 5000 years and is a highly regarded medicinal herb amongst the Chinese and Asian community. The name Panax Ginseng has been coined from the Greek term of Panacea which means all heal.

Therefore, going by its name, it is all-rounder healer herb that promoted overall health. The word Ginseng comes from it Chinese counterpart with a meaning of plant root since it is shaped like a fork with roots.

Conventional Benefits of Korean Ginseng

It was a highly valued medicinal herb that was used to treat several conditions including pathological diseases of hypodynamia, anorexia, insomnia, shortness of breath, impotence, hemorrhage, diabetes, etc.

The root was available in dried form and also the leaf part was used in a lot of their preparations

Modern Benefits of Korean Ginseng

In the present timeline, Ginseng is being used to treat many other adverse conditions and used more to restore the immune system to eradicate high-stress levels. It is also used to increase the power of memory and cognition in the brain to produce more energy and stamina or attention.

Ginseng is considered today to be an adaptogenic herb that improves the body’s capability to adapt and cope with ill effects of stress. In extreme physical and environment stress condition, Ginseng contributes to higher levels of endurance with improved co-ordination and reduction of fatigue.

  1. Mental Function – It improves the concentration power of the memory and promotes mental sharpness. Due to its anti-fatigue elements, its keeps the focus of the brain powered on for a long time and increases the cognitive performance.
  2. Immunity System – It boosts our immunity by prevent ailments occurring due to viruses and bacteria. When taken during the onset of common cold, it greatly reduces its severity. Daily intake of Ginseng will enable to even prevent cancers and control blood sugar levels.
  3. Rich Source of Antioxidants – Antioxidants counteracts against the unbalanced oxygen molecules in our body and averts further damage to cells. Ginseng promotes all the antioxidant producing enzymes in the body and is a good source of it.
  4. Impotency – Ginseng is believed to have immense effects to boost fertility in men and increase sperm count by activating certain hormones. With improved blood flow and reduced fatigue, it promotes fertility.
  5. Prevent Senility with Ageing – Ginseng helps in strengthening the body and mind which in turn produces an energizing effect. It keeps you fit and active even at old age.
  6. Subjective Well-Being – It promotes the feeling of general happiness and enhanced mood levels in cases of depression related disorders. It is even reported to improve calmness levels in our mind and helps to stay relaxed under stressful conditions.
  7. Lung Support – With increased blood flow, it helps to keep the lung relaxed and thwarts contraction of the airways. It was traditionally taken to alleviate conditions of asthma and is even used today for the same.

Ill Effects of Gingko

Although it is a natural structure of remedy, its side-effects should not be over-looked. It comes with its portion of side-effects that one should be well informed about, before using it.

  • Side effects are mostly related to high dosage and affect the gastrointestinal tract with episodes of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and cramps
  • It can cause dangerous reactions with additional drugs and needs to be verified by a physician. As it can react with diuretics, blood thinners and other anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin.
  • Pregnant women are generally not advised to have Ginseng supplements
  • It can at times lead to Gynecomastia in males with fat deposits on certain muscles under the areola.

Bottom Line – Take Ginseng for Overall Well-Being

It promises increased endurance and strength levels with lower levels of fatigue. It plays multiple roles of energizer, normalizer and stress reducer with improved cognitive performance. Hence, with proper dosage and prescribed levels by a physician, it can do wonders to your overall health.