Neurotransmitter Deficiency

The brain effectively manages movements of your body, monitors the heart rate and breathing and enables you to feel different emotions of sleep, hunger, happiness or sadness. This is all made possible by neurotransmitters that send signals from the nerves of your body to the brain and translates it into some action.

Importance of Neurotransmitters

The action stimuli of the body are sent as signals by means of neurons to the nerve endings of the body using brain chemicals called as neurotransmitters. Therefore, it is very important to the effective functioning of the brain.

An overabundance or deficiency of neurotransmitters can lead to adverse symptoms. An overabundance will cause erratic actions and a deficiency will lead to the absence of performing certain actions that are not transmitted effectively from the brain.

Major health aspects that are affected by a deficient neurotransmitter are as follows:

  • Memory – Forgetfulness, Impaired creativity, learning disorder, etc.
  • Attention – Slow thought processing speed, Attention deficit disorder, etc.
  • Personality and Character – Anger, depression, anxiety, mood swings, etc.
  • Physical Health – pain, immunity, digestive problem, blood sugar levels, etc.

The brain’s major neurotransmitters seriously affect the above health aspects in each of its own ways. For example, the speed of brain and its processing alters your attention and memory power.

All the main neurotransmitters affect the speed of the brain functioning power and even a deficiency of one of them; will lead to various health problems of attention or memory.

How to Improve Neurotransmitter Function?

A good lifestyle that adopts self-discipline along with well-balanced diet and proper exercises to support it is the key to maintaining good health:

  • No bad habits like drinking, smoking, etc.
  • Follow a protein rich diet since neurotransmitters are essentially said to be composed of amino acids and proteins are a good source of amino acids.
  • Follow a fitness regime
  • Practice of yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises
  • Reduce stressful situations and effectively manage them
  • Get moderate levels of sleep
  • Identify any deficiency of essential nutrients and take supplements for it accordingly