Pyritinol: Mental Performance Booster

Pyritinol is a well-known nootropic or smart drug that enhances the mental performance of the brain by stimulating prime neurotransmitters of Acetylcholine and Dopamine inside the brain. It also helps in conversion of glucose to energy in the metabolism process.

It is closely associated with Vitamin B6 in its effects and aids the brain function in a similar way that Vitamin B6 does. It is commonly consumed along with other smart drugs as a stack to unleash its full benefits.

What is Pyritinol?

Also known as Pyridoxine Disulphide or Pyrithioxine, it is a water soluble element and an analog of Vitamin B6. It was introduced by the Merck Laboratories in 1961 by combining two VitaminB6 compounds together with the help of a disulphide bridge.

Since then, it has been used in treatments in relation to cognitive and memory disorders and also an effective nootropic to improve the overall mental function.

Benefits of Pyritinol

Pyritinol is a precursor for both Acetylcholine and Dopamine neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters enable the communication process in the brain cells and are responsible for many actions of the brain including our thought process, memory retention and mood stabilization

  1. Antioxidant Effect – It specifically protects the brain from toxins of hydroxyl that are released with the oxidization process and prevent damage to the brain cells.
  2. Stress Remover – It affects the prime area of the brain where the stress reactions of anxiety, panic and depression are regulated. It helps to keep elevated mood levels and alleviates stress.
  3. Glucose Utilization – It gives the brain access the much-needed energy of glucose to perform its functions ably. This in turn increases our productivity and mental energy to undertake tasks that require high stamina and attention.
  4. Improved Memory and Cognition – Its role in the Acetylcholine transmitters enable to improve the brains cognitive function and utilizes the memory function for efficient reasoning and adaptability skills.
  5. Immunity Power – It also regulates neutrophils which are the prime white blood cells of our body that help fight against infections. This leads to higher immunity preventing damage and aiding in the self-destruction process.

Side Effects of Pyritinol

Unlike other nootropics, Pyritinol has its share of few ill effects of over consumption and continued usage. These side effects reported were present in rare cases:

  • People with known Allergies should consult with doctor before usage
  • Milder side effects of nausea, diarrhea, rashes, itchy skin and irritability were connected to higher dosages.
  • It is best to consult with your physician to set the right dosage according to your needs and your body.

Pyritinol – Effective Supplement of Vitamin B6 with Similar Effects

Pyritinol is a proven nootropic that is used in many stacks of smart drugs to enhance the mental performance.   And if its mental performance you are after, choose Alpha Levo IQ.  It provides various health benefits similar to that of Vitamin B6 and is a safe supplement to increase our productivity.

It has been used to treat various ailments including neurodegenerative disorders and memory disorders. With positive effects on reaction time, attention and mood, it boosts the mental performance of the brain to keep it fit.