Staying Focused

How many times have you sat at your desk with your mind wandering off to some place and unable to focus on a particular task? Even though your intentions will be to get it done soon, but you just can’t concentrate on it.

All of us have been in this situation some time or the other and it can be really frustrating at times

Let’s look below at ways to improve your focus or concentration and to remove all the distractions:

  1. Work Environment – It plays a big role in determining your concentration. The more comfortable and appealing your environment is the lesser the distractions and more the focus one can achieve.
    • First and Foremost, make sure you are comfortable in your work-place. Your seating arrangement must have chair and desk that makes it easy to perform tasks in a relaxed way. If the arrangement is not too comfortable for you, it can easily tempt you as a distraction and let you walk away from the task.
    • Ambience – Put up pictures in your work area of pleasant things that will enable to create a good ambience and in turn increase your productivity by evoking calmness and increasing concentration.
    • Listening to music – For some people listening to music will aid to close out distractions and focus better. Specially listening to soft music or steady background tunes will help.
  1. Nutrition
    • Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of water at regular intervals to stay hydrated to help improve concentration. As being dehydrated with a lack of fluids can make us irritable and tired.
    • Don’t Skip Breakfast – Eating a healthy breakfast is a must as if you are hungry, you will definitely not be able to focus on the job. You can also indulge in healthy snaking in between your work hours like eating almonds, fresh fruit, etc. at your desk.
    • Walk around – Don’t keep sitting at one place. You need to get up and move around to be more productive as sitting in the same place for a long time can make you sluggish and lose focus.
  1. Healthy Mindset
    • Focus on the task at a given time – Shut yourself from distractions by focusing on one task at a time and avoid taking intermittent breaks to check mail or take calls. As doing so, will lead to distraction and will take a long time to regain focus again.
    • Schedule Time to Deal with issues – If you are having worries or concerns at your workplace, set appropriate time to deal with them and address them. Don’t let it disturb your mind.
    • Priority – Create a To-Do list by ranking your tasks in terms of its importance and deadline. Having too many tasks to do at a time will lead to more confusions and procrastination at times, so it helps to prioritize task.
    • Shift between high and low-intensity tasks – If you are bogged down with too much high attention task like preparing a project plan or budget, try to maintain balance and give your mind some rest by switching to some low attention job.
    • Close your chat box and email box – If you need more focus, put up a do not disturb message and avoid distractions. If you want to get the flow going, then let the voice mail do its job.
  1. Take Short Breaks – Short breaks of 10 minutes to catch up coffee and conversation with your friends will increase your productivity and enhance focus. Give your mind the much-needed rest for a short time before you get back again.
  1. Perform Harder Tasks When You Are Alert – If you thing morning times, you are more effective and focused, then do the harder jobs at those times when you have more energy. More energy will lead to more focus.