Vinpocetine: A Natural Herb with Real Benefits

This natural herb is catching more and more attention in the scientific community for its overwhelming benefits in improving brain cognition. The herb has been used in traditional medicines of China and India dating centuries back.

It is known to be a cognitive enhancer that delivers proven results and people can actually realize a visible difference with it. The restorative benefits of the Periwinkle plant are well known. It has previously been used in the form of tonics to alleviate fatigue associated with ageing and also as an astringent to cure bleeding gums, mouth sores, etc.

Benefits of Vinpocetine

A lot of scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of this herb in various ailments. It is said to improve cognitive function with sharper short-term and long-term memory, promoting heart support and sensory organ support.

  1. Memory Enhancer – Vinpocetine boosts the memory function. It makes this possible by improving blood flow to the brain with increased metabolism to produce greater levels of energy. It works to expand the blood vessels thereby increasing blood flow to the brain and as a result yields more oxygen or glucose for energy consumption of the brain.
  2. Improved Concentration – When the brain gets to utilize oxygen to the fullest it makes our mind productive with greater attention power and quicker reaction time. Consumption of Vinpocetine will exclusively aid athletic performance where high levels of endurance are needed.
  3. Protects Neuron and Cell Damage – It is a very powerful antioxidant that fights against damage in cells and frees all the toxins from our body. In addition, it has the capability to detect damages in the brain cell and provides more blood or oxygen to reach them. It is very helpful in preventing stroke diseases and boosts cerebral metabolism.
  4. Neuro Enhancing Function – It boosts the production of primary neurotransmitters in the brain to aid effective communication and in turn perform the required tasks better.
    1. Acetylcholine Neurotransmitter – It is associated with memory retention and concentration power of the brain. It helps in mental clarity and improved cognition.
    2. Dopamine & Serotonin – It leads to better levels of mood with increased productivity and alertness.
    3. Noradrenaline – It deters high-stress levels under extreme conditions and helps us to respond better to a particular situation.
  5. Increase Sensory Perception – It prevents and cures hearing loss due to various reasons and is also possibly used as a remedy for conditions of tinnitus which involves constant ringing sound in the ear. It also leads to increased vision power, especially when ageing with improved night vision.
  6. Cardiovascular Function – It aids in the effective functioning of heart with its capacity to increase blood flow with dilation of blood vessels.

Vinpocetine and the Brain

As seen, Vinpocetine plays a very vital role in stimulation key neurotransmitters of the brain and enables faster communication between the brain and other parts of the body. Especially for a demanding role or athletic performance, it provides with great mental acuity with greater levels of focus and stamina.

Not only does it serve the purpose of cognitive functioning of the brain but also helps to protect the cells of the brain with prevention of damage. It has a very protective effect on the brain and lowers the risk of ischemic injury due to loss of blood flow.

Therefore, it is an ideal herb to promote overall brain health and also alleviate unwanted stress in your life.

Side Effects of Vinpocetine

There are not many heavy ill effects associated with the consumption of this herb and it is also safe to combine it along with other drugs. However, an increased dosage and consuming it on an empty stomach can lead to a mild upset of gastrointestinal tract and lead to vomiting or diarrhea. So, it is best to consult with a physician for a proper dosage and probable combination with other drugs for to achieve specific results.

Bottomline – Vinpocetine, a Healthy Choice for Improved Cognition

Whether you are looking to get that competitive edge in our highly complicated world or to combat high-stress levels for a healthy lifestyle, Vinpocetine is a great choice for you. It is a natural remedy extracted from medicinal Periwinkle plant with effects that are proven by many studies.  You can try Alpha Levo IQ if you want a nutritional supplement that contains Vinpocetine.

Also, there is always a looming fear associated with ageing and slowing down of mental function with age. Vinpocetines comes to your rescue in this situation with able powers of increasing mental clarity and preventing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or memory disorders like Dementia.

Experience the proven effects of Vinpocetine and feel the difference.