What You Need to Know About Nootropics

Nootropics are referred to as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers that work to improve the aspects of the brain function. It was coined from two words – nous denoting mind and trepin denoting to bend, hence the word nootropics denoting bending the mind towards more efficiency.

It can enhance your memory power, attention, concentration and motivation aspects of the mind. They are often used to augment attention spans for better focus and increase intelligence with more mental energy.

The very first Nootropic discovered was Piracetam and many other racetams were found later on working on different aspects of mental function. Nootropics effectively improve brain functions without causing adverse side effects usually associated with such stimulants and can be used long term.

Piracetam also known as Nootropil is the most known nootropic drug that is often used to treat Alzheimer’s disease and many others. There are even natural nootropics that are known to enhance mental performance in the old-fashioned natural way.

For instance, grape seed extract, fish oil, yerba mate and licorice. So natural foods with these nutrients can do wonders to the efficient functioning of the brain.

How does Nootropics Enhance Brain Function?

Consuming a so called smart drug will not give you immediate intelligence and increase your IQ level. Nootropics work by increasing the productivity of neurotransmitters.

What are neurotransmitters? The brain constitutes of millions of neurons connected with each other. These neurons transmit information from a specific body part to the brain and vice versa through means of chemicals called as neurotransmitters.

So nootropics work to enable the neurotransmitters to send signals efficiently and thus increase the processing power of the brain with better concentration, longer attention span, better memory and elevated energy. Some nootropics also increase the plasticity of neurons and contribute to overall health improvement by keeping the central nervous system fit.

Others increase the blood flow to the brain by supplying oxygen and other nutrients. Concentrating or staying alert on a job, doing mental exercises and learning new things everyday will take up more energy.

It is necessary for the brain to consume energy to perform its functions and with raised blood flow and oxygen level, it will lead to efficient functioning. Supplements like Caffeine, Creatine, etc. contribute to increased focus, clarity and mental energy and are often used by students to aid in studying better.

Also, nootropics contribute to neuron’s preservation and protection by increasing the production of neurons and also slowing down the degree of damage. It can slow down the ageing process and reduce the symptoms of memory loss and also alleviates mental disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

List of Nootropics

There are various nootropics or smart drugs available in the market. Each supplement of nootropics has its own methodology of action and contributes to the enhancement of certain aspects of brain function increasing the performance. You can select one that matches your needs or combine different types of nootropics and take them as a stack.

  • Racetem – The most popular and early discover nootropic that increase the performance of neurotransmitters and provide other chemicals to drastically increase the function of brain. They are proven to increase the intellectual capability and prevent damage to brain cells.
  • Choline – Taking Choline along with other racetem as a stack will increase the performance of the memory and also promote social behavior.
  • Pyritinol – It is similar to anti-oxidant effects and promotes long-term health of the brain. It aids the production of glucose to supply constant energy to the brain when you are studying or working for a prolonged period of time.
  • Vinpocetine – It increases the blood flow of the brain and boosts concentration power with higher energy level or motivation.