Zinc: Wonder of Health Benefits

We have always known Zinc as an element in the periodic table and we may have come across it in school while learning chemistry. But we should be aware that just like calcium or vitamins, Zinc is an important nutrient as well.

So much important it is to our functioning, that even a small deficiency of Zinc can lead to adverse conditions. This mineral plays an important role in multiple functions of the body and brain and including it in our daily diet is highly imperative.

It plays a central role in the immune system and also used in treatments of mood related disorders like depression. It Is included in almost vitamin and mineral supplements and said to possess antioxidant elements that eliminates the risk of certain type of cancers.

Sources of Zinc

  • Sesame Seeds
  • Lentils
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Cashew
  • Turkey
  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Quinoa
  • Shrimp

Functions of Zinc

  1. Immune System – Diets that are low in zinc can cause a lot of hazards to the immune function of our body. It has got amazing chemical elements to help improve immunity. Doctors even use it for treatment against diarrheal episodes in children to restore the lost levels of zinc in the body and prevent its future episodes.
  2. Skin It is used in many topical applications in the form of zinc oxide to specifically protect against sunburns and even diaper rash. For a hale and healthy skin, incorporating zinc to your diet produces many benefits.
  3. Brain and Sensory Organs It is important for the sense of taste, appetite and vision. Zinc works along with Vitamin A help to sense vision and send out signals to the brain. So it is said the zinc deficiency can cause loss of vision with the zinc in the retina going down in tandem with loss of vision. So is the case of taste – with low levels of zinc the sense of taste can be impaired due to loss of signals sent across the brain.
  4. Male Reproductive Health Zinc enable sperm production and a deficiency in zinc can lead to impairment of motility. Studies have proven this factor and shown the positive correlation between zinc nutrition and fertility.

Benefits of Zinc

  • Promote Brain Health Zinc is a good antioxidant that gets rid of toxin build-up in the brain cells also helps to maintain cellular homeostasis. Together this deters neurodegeneration and prevents neural disorders like Alzheimer’s. Even if there is a hereditary record of Alzheimer’s in your family, taking zinc regularly in your food to help prevention of such diseases.
  • Improve Cognition, Energy Levels & Sleep It plays a major role in the production of neurotransmitters that enable effective cognition levels. It regulates Melatonin which takes care of the sleep pattern of the body and also dopamine which gives us the energy and attention power to do a task. It is said that Zinc supplements can be taken to alleviate certain symptoms of ADHD.
  • Enhance Mood and Prevent Depression It elevates the mood of women especially by aiding in producing certain neurotransmitters that are key to generate hormones of happy feelings in the mind.
  • Get the Antioxidant Effects Antioxidants purifies the cells of the body by removing all bad toxins and neutralizing their effect. This can deter the risks of cancers and other diseases to keep you healthy.
  • Be Heart Healthy Zinc improves heart health by monitoring endothelium which plays a big role in blood circulation and prevents cholesterol accumulation.
  • Boost Immunity Low zinc levels lead to a decline in the T Cell Function. T Cells effectively fights against bacteria and viruses to boost our immunity. It ensures a healthy cell function to support our immune system
  • Boost Athletic Performance and Strength Research has shown that more zinc leads to more production of testosterone hormone that greatly improves performance and strength. It increases energy and regulate metabolism process of the body thus keeping us more productive and lively.

Importance of Zinc

As seen, zinc is a very important mineral nutrient that plays a primary role in major functions of the brain and body. That is why zinc is included in the Alpha Levo IQ supplement.  At every stage of our life, it is essential that we consume Zinc in our diet to be hearty, fit and healthy.

Not only it has immune boosting elements and optimal brain function prospects, but it also helps deter many diseases like heart problems, stroke, cancers, diarrhea, depression, loss of vision and taste. It boasts of numerous benefits to our health and is a wonderful antioxidant.

Unlock the benefits of a prosperous health from childhood to old age, by incorporating this nutrient to your daily meals.